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Golf Course with Lake

jake Doster,M.S.,D.C.

  Dr. Doster is a native of West Tennessee and grew up playing golf at Persimmon Hills Country Club in Sharon, TN. He eventually played golf competitively for Dresden High School.

  After college, he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation degrees at Logan University in St. Louis. 

  After graduation, Dr. Doster joined Jackson Chiropractic as an independent contractor. Dr. Doster has treated many weekend golfers and college golfers along the way and has seen the value of what chiropractic treatment can do for golfers of all skill levels. Dr. Doster is currenlty Level 1 Certified with Titleist Performance Institute. 

  "Like most of you, I got tired of going to continuing education seminars that had nothing to do with how to treat and interact with my patients. Sitting in hour after hour of dry lectures only to realized I hadn't learned a THING in 12 hours. If I can take one thing home from a continuing education seminar that I can apply to my practice, I consider it a success. That's why I wanted to develop a continuing education course that would be practical and fun. 

  This seminar is an opportunity to develop a niche in your community as the doctor who can take someone's golf game/fitness to the next level. This seminar is the foundation for that. Lots of doctors don't know where to start but after our day together, I hope you will feel confident you can make an immediate impact on a golfer's game or keep those playing who thought their days of golf were over. Their body is their tool so we need to make it the best it can be!"


                                                                           Jake Doster

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